The Ultimate Detox Treatment

Our Colon Cleanse treatment involves the infusion of  our coffee solution into the rectum through the anus. Other herbs are also used to help in the detoxification process. This is a very good detoxification treatment that helps you get rid of toxins in your blood stream.

During the treatment, the caffeine from the coffee is absorbed by the vessels surrounding the rectum. This then passes through the liver which promotes opening of the bile ducts, and then releases bile. The theobromine and theophylline from the coffee also increase bile flow.

Rectal infusion of coffee was also shown to stimulate the liver to produce the enzyme Glutathione s-transferase by 600-700%. This is an antioxidant that reacts with oxygen free radicals. The substances that are neutralized are dissolved in the bile that is being released and excreted together with the stool.