Wrinkles are caused by loosening of the connection between the skin of the face with its deeper tissues. This is either due to the reduction of the elastic fibers  responsible for maintaining the skin’s normal tension and traction, or the reduction of facial subcutaneous fat. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, wrinkles are brought about by the exhaustion of the essence-blood and malnutrition of the skin due to improper diet, overexertion, deficiency of the spleen and stomach, and over-indulgence and aging process.

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a natural way to remove wrinkles and to lift the face and neck, without any injections or surgery. It also helps in prevention of premature wrinkles, clearing up of the skin, and brightening around the eye area.

This procedure makes use of more than 30 acupuncture needles on the face that will activate the skin function, as well as increasing and maintaining the water content and fat of the skin. This will encourage the facial muscles to relax,  promote anti-aging and healing by restoring natural flow of energy, and stimulating collagen production. Blood circulation is also improved, which helps remove toxins, resulting in a healthy and radiant look.