Dear Family and friends: had acupuncture last week..result? Renewed energy and more! Thanks Dr Ryan Dalman and Dr Candy Drilon ! Tried live blood analysis .. ‘Twas exciting to view my cells on the monitor..Nice pinkish colors.. Listened intently as Dr Ryan interpreted the results..,Go visit Centro Hoilstico, an integrative wellness center! Love the relaxing lovely interiors too..
— Sarah C., 68/F
So happy with my first visit - everyone is so professional and knowledgeable. I was put right at ease.
— Jacqui D.J., 30/F
I like your clinic. It’s up to my standards, and I’m a pompous person. I’ll be back.
— D.V., 84/M
Every person has his/her own needs and the doctors at CENTRO HOLISTICO can tailor-fit the medical care accordingly. I have chosen to continue with their program to correct all the things that are ailing me at present. I want to give alternative healing a try before I start popping pills ( better if I can avoid the latter).
— Paulyne F., 43/F
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acupuncture and IV nutrient therapy started my day yesterday. safe to say my body’s really starting to recover since my hands and feet aren’t THAT cold anymore (i do get handsicles and footsicles every now and then, but they aren’t the permafrost types anymore ), my shoulder’s starting to loose its tightness (actually, my whole back is starting to feel better), i have less migraines, insomnia’s gone (i can sleep when i want to now yo!) and less asdfghjkl moments 😀 plus, my post-acu lifespan is at 14hrs already from a mere zero haha! thank you Regina thank you ate Candy
— Donela T., 22/F
I encourage everyone to try out Centro Holistico and see for yourselves why this place easily stands out among other clinics around. Even if you live up north or a tad out of way, the experience and benefits you get are well worth the trip.
True enough… one visit at Centro Holistico and it will totally change the way you look at recovery.
— Chuckie Dreyfus
I really believe we who are pregnant moms should choose wellness over medication, especially since we are carrying such precious cargo! Centro Holistic offers individuals — including preggy moms — a range of alternative/complementary medicine treatments, all administered in the center’s peaceful, Zen-like environment.
— Martine De Luna
I feel very at home , even though it’s far from my place it’s worth it. Dra Candy is very professional , accommodating and their staff are very friendly and helpful. Centro Holistico understands the needs and desires of today’s lifestyle by providing their holistic package , I love the colon cleanse , ..The place is cozy and quite , will definitely go back.
— Maita G.
Very satisfied customer here. Excellent service! I’m definitely coming back.
— Chay U., 38/F
What an enlightening and rejuvenating experience! I’m so glad that there are places like Centro Holistico where clients can have access to the knowledge and means to prevent illnesses in a natural way. I can’t wait to go back and try their other services!
— Dianne Tan-Nazareno, 30/F

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